The Penile Curvature.

Peyronie's Disease, a condition that is also known as penile curvature, is an abnormal bend in the shaft of the penis that occurs when some men get an erection. A man who suffers from Peyronie’s Disease develops a plaque of hard tissues in his penis, which causes a restriction that prevents the penis from straightening properly when it becomes erect. The curvature of the penis occurs at the point where the plaque of tissue restricts it.

While Peyronie’s disease is not a fatal condition, for the many men who suffer with this complaint, it can cause great discomfort, and lead to the end of the sex life without proper treatment.

Estimates suggest that up to 3 percent of the male population are afflicted with Peyronie’s Disease to some extent. The condition usually occurs in men aged between 45 and 60, although it has been found in men as young as 18. Diagnosis of the condition is simple, and it is normally spotted due to its obvious symptoms:

  • A band of hard tissue around the penis.
  • A noticeable bend or curve in the penis when erect.
  • A band of the penis with a smaller diameter than the rest.
  • Extreme pain during an erection making sexual intercourse so difficult as to be impossible.
  • In some cases, Peyronie’s Disease does not require any treatment, and can clear up by itself over time. This is not normally the case however, and most men do require proper treatment.

    If you notice the early signs of Peyronie’s disease in the form of a bend or arc developing in the shaft of your penis, it is vitally important that you take action as quickly as possible. The condition can become worse over time and lead to impotence or inability to have sexual intercourse.

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    No-one really knows what the actual cause of penile curvature is, however in some cases the condition can be caused by trauma such as bending or hitting the penis. In some cases, it has developed in men after vigorous sexual activity, when bruising or bleeding within the penis. Other possible causes include diabetes, genetic factors, and even circulatory disorders.

    A number of drug treatments are now available for sufferers of penile curvature. In most cases, treatments such as Vitamin E or B-complex are offered along with steroids and calcium channel blockers to reduce the pain. Radiation treatment is also sometimes offered, as is the most common treatment of the disease. Surgery.

    It is in these situations where a penis stretching system can help. A number of different processes are used including the traction device, normally used as part of the penis enlargement program. This works by forcing the penile tissue to expand and straighten out the curvature. Men who use a penis stretching device on a regular basis have been shown to reduce penis curvature and increase the size of their penis in clinical trials.

    With every decent penis enlargement package, you should get a free membership to a manual penis enlargement program where you can find a range of exercises that have been developed to decrease the curvature that is found as a result of Peyronie’s disease. When you are a member of such a program, you will quickly find ways to extend the length and increase the girth of your penis as well as preventing curvature, reduce the risk of premature ejaculation, and also to maintain your overall level of sexual fitness over time.

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